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        Powerful Combination to Make Great Achievement Together--The Signing Ceremony of the Joint Venture of FAWSN LidaProject Achieved a Great Success.

        News from the website (Reporter Xu Dan) On October 19, 2021, the signing ceremony of the joint venture and cooperation of FAWSN Lida project was launched at FAWSN logistics division among Changchun FAWSN Logistics Co., Ltd. and Changchun FAW Sihuan Lianxing Weiye Automobile Development Co., Ltd. and Changchun Changshengda Service Trade Partnership (Limited Partnership).

        Zhang Xin, President of FAWSN Group, Li Changyun, representative of the partner, and other leaders attended the signing ceremony. Jing Qingchun, Vice President and President of logistics division of FAWSN Group, Li Yan of Lianxing Weiye, HuoChaojun of Changshengda and signed the contract on behalf of the shareholders.


        (Videoed by Liu Peng)

        During the conference, President Zhang Xin, firstly congratulated the cooperation between both parties, highly recognized the business level and team capacity of Lida Company, and praised the strategic vision of Lida shareholders to seek long-term cooperation and the mind to quickly promote the completion of share reform. President Zhang Xin, emphasized that the FAWSN Lida project has furtherly enriched and improved the logistics industry layout of the FAWSN Group, and furtherly strengthened the integrated service capabilities of FAWSN logistics warehousing, transportation and packaging. Meanwhile, President Zhang Xin, hoped that FAWSN Lida can properly implement “Practical Management, Practical Control, and Practical Operation”, actively develop the market, and create greater value for clients, shareholders and employees.

        The holding of FAWSN Lida has further improved the spare parts logistics function of FAWSN logistics division, further expanded the spare parts business field, further improved the spare parts transportation network, further expanded the operation capacity to open up a new track for the realization of the “321” strategic goal of FAWSN logistics division.