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        Cooperation Innovation, and Pursuing Common Development—FAWSN Logistics Division Signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Jilin University

        News from the website (Reporter Li Qiang) On the afternoon of September 29, 2021, the logistics division of Changchun FAWSN Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “FAWSN logistics division”) signed the framework agreement on joint strategic cooperation between schools and enterprises with the School of Transportation of Jilin University. Five representatives, including Cao Weihua, executive vice president of FAWSN logistics division, Chen Yong and Liu Guobin, vice presidents, attended the signing ceremony together with other five representatives, including Gong Yafeng and Liu Hongfei, vice presidents of the School of Transportation of Jilin University.

        During the signing ceremony, both parties firstly introduced their respective developments, and afterwards, the leaders of the both parties conducted the deep exchanges and talks on cooperation. Cao Weihua, the vice President, expressed the hope the deficiencies of company in methodology introduction, talent training and capacity-building can be supplemented through the cooperation with Jilin University. Meanwhile, he expected that the goal of achievements on results, talents and models could be achieved through the cooperation. Gong Yafeng, the Vice President, highly praised the signing event planning and corporate culture construction of FAWSN logistics division, and said that Jilin University was capable and willing to cooperate with FAWSN logistics division to achieve the desired cooperation effect. Based on the principle of “Cooperation Innovation, and Pursuing Common Development”, both parties will established and developed long-term and stable cooperative relations in the construction of 5G intelligent equipment laboratory, scientific and technological innovation and industrialization cooperation, talent training, student employment and standard setting through the strategic cooperation.

        Accompanying the successful signing of the strategic cooperation with the School of Transportation of Jilin University, both parties will complement mutual advantages and will bring great help to the improvement of the technical level of the logistics division and the building of core competitiveness. Meanwhile, it will play a positive role in promoting the construction of research and development center of data intelligent logistics technology.

        After the conference, Cao Weihua, executive vice president of FAWSN Logistics Division, and Gong Yafeng, deputy dean of the School of Transportation of Jilin University, signed the strategic cooperation agreement and took a group photo on behalf of the both parties.


         (Videoed by Liu Peng)